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Value & Cost

To sum it all up, Markle Financial provides:

  • Access to strategies
  • Trading Platforms
  • Customized portfolios
  • Interactive web-based tools
  • Honest conversations that allow both parties in a household to be equally represented with goals and dreams
  • Dynamic tools that allow you to create an action plan to achieve your life goals. Basically, a roadmap that holds you accountable.
  • Financial Scorecard – find out your score – which is just as important as your credit score.
  • Collaborative Relationship
  • Retirement and Tax Planning Solutions

We are different from our peers. We help YOU navigate your current path, so you can live the life you want. Yes, there are fees, but as a firm, we provide exceptional value.
Our First two appointments are free to determine if we are mutually a good fit.
If we decide to move forward, the cost and fees are listed below.
SETUP FEE: $250 Setup Fee + $100 per additional account being moved
Then, you will pick from one of our individualized platforms that fit your needs.

  • Wealth Management – You will be charged for Financial Planning and Assets Under Management.
    • Financial Playing and ongoing portfolio management paid through an Assets Under Management (AUM) Fee with a minimum fee of $1,250. Below is our standard fee schedule for SEI. Other platforms may vary, with nothing exceeding the 1.59%.


  • Investment Management and Life Goal Overview???????????????????? This is your transaction-based option. $1,500