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Leslie Johnson, MBAVice-President

Leslie Johnson, MBA

I love people. I have 15 years in the financial industry. Through my 7 years in the lending industry and 8 years in the securities industry, I have a broad picture of how people use money in very different ways. I like working with people and helping them to use their money to live intentionally.

I specialize in comprehensive financial planning.  As an independent financial advisor, I have the opportunity to work with many different mutual fund, alternative, and management firms directly.  I take the approach of defining a client’s financial needs, priorities and goals and then creating a path to those utilizing the most appropriate investment tools and companies.  I provide second opinions on existing financial plans—analyzing a plan’s ability to meet the client’s future goals and expectations and assessing the risk level associated with the financial plan.  I also provide recommendations to clients during important life transitions like retirement, business complexities, death, and divorce.  I understand the complexity of these transitions and believe in working together with other professionals (attorneys, accountants, etc.) to determine appropriate solutions.

I also consult on specialized transactions in the oil, gas, and mineral rights industry. I provide investment perspectives in conjunction with professionals such as landmen, CPAs, qualified intermediaries (for 1031 exchange determination), and attorneys who work in oil, gas, and mineral rights matters.